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Усилитель VHT ламповый гитарный AV-SP-12/20H

Усилитель VHT ламповый гитарный AV-SP-12/20H

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Building on the success of the popular VHT Special 6 and Special 6 Ultra, the VHT Special 12/20 features increased power (with two power ranges), a unique preamp specifically designed to excel with pedals and multi-effects units, a convenient built-in 9-volt DC pedal power supply, an all-tube buffered effects loop with send and return level controls, VHT's unique Depth and Texture controls, and variable Watts control.

To optimize the amp for a wide range of output tubes, the VHT Special 12/20 offers two output-power ranges; safely located behind the rear panel, a special voltage range switch provides the proper voltages for 6V6 or EL84 output tubes (in 12-watt low-voltage/low-power mode). The high voltage 20-watt setting provides the ideal voltages for higher-power 6L6 or EL34 output tubes. The Special 12/20 ships from the factory with a pair of 6V6 output tubes (VHT 6V6-to-EL84 socket adapters are required for operation with EL84 tubes). In addition, the Special 12/20's variable Watts control can reduce the maximum output power to less than one watt for whisper-quiet volume levels.

The Special 12/20 preamp was designed to bring the most out of every effects pedal and multi-effects unit with enhanced clarity, detail, and controlled tube compression. Its low-impedance buffered effects loop send with variable send level can effortlessly drive the most difficult pedals without tone or signal loss. Thanks to its variable send and return level controls, the 12/20's effects loop can accommodate a wide range of pedal or rack effects. Those seeking the shortest signal path to the output stage can plug their pedals or multi-effects units directly into to effects return jack the 12/20's unique output stage Depth and Texture controls are post-effects loop, so the output stage characteristics can always be fine-tuned to accommodate a wide range of instruments, speakers, playing styles and environments.

As an added convenience for pedal users, the VHT Special 12/20 also features a built-in, regulated 9-volt DC pedal power supply.

Hear your pedals like never before with the VHT Special 12/20

Switchable 12/20 Watts Max Output
Variable Watts Control
9-Volt DC Pedal Power Supply
Tube Driven Effects Loop
Effects Send and Return Level Controls
Depth Control and Texture Switch
Push/Pull Boost - Footswitch Included
Two 6V6 & Three 12AX7 Tubes
International Voltage Switch
Mod-Friendly Handwired Eyelet Board Construction

The Special 12/20 Combo and Head share the same chassis, circuit and layout design and configuration.

Описание усилителя VHT ламповый гитарный AV-SP-12/20H

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